Friday, March 27, 2009

New Network Called This TV

This TV This TV is a new television network from MGM that launched a few months ago. The network so far has expanded rapidly and is now in many large markets including Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Sacramento and Portland.

The network airs older movies from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios as well as some classic television shows like Mr. Ed. While the channel isn't HBO or Shotime it is probably worth having around to check in every so often and perhaps find something interesting or something you have seen in years.

You can find more information about This TV at their web site, This.TV.

Digital Channel Report for Portland, Oregon

Here is a list of the broadcasting digital television stations you can receive in the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA television viewing area.
2.1 - KATU (ABC)
2.2 - This TV
6.1 - KOIN (CBS)
8.1 - KGW (NBC)
8.2 - KGW Weather Channel
10.2 - OPB - Oregon Public Broadcasting
10.3 - OPB Plus
10.4 - OPB Radio
12.1 - KPTV (FOX)
16.1 - KORS (Home Shopping Network)
16.2 -Bohemia Visual Music
16.3 - America One
16.4 - Jewelry Channel
22.1 - KPXG (ion)
22.2 - Qubo
22.3 - Ion Life
22.4 - Worship
24.1 - KNMT (PBS)
24.2 - The Church Channel
24.3 - JCTV
24.4 - Enlace TBN
24.5 - Smile of a Child
32.1 -KRCW (CW)
32.2 - Universal Sports
49.1 - KPDX (My Network TV)

26 total digital channels, last updated March 27, 2009.

Digital Channel Report for Las Vegas

Here is a list of the broadcasting digital television stations you can receive in the Las Vegas television market. If you have any updates please leave a comment.

3.1 - KVBC (NBC)
3.2 - Color Bars
3.3 - Universal Sports
5.1 - KVVU (FOX)
5.2 - FOX 5 Weather
8.1 - KLAS (CBS)
8.2 - LATV
10.1 - KLVX (Vegas PBS)
10.2 - Create
10.3 - V-me
13.1 - KTNV (ABC)
13.2 - Mexicanal
15.1 - KINC (Univision)
15.2 - Telefutua
21.1 - KVMY (My Network TV/ MY LV TV)
32.1 - KMCC (Mega TV)
33.1 - KVCW (CW)
39.1 - KBLR (Telemundo)
47.1 - KGNG (HSN)
47.2 - Asian
47.3 - Cool TV
47.4 - Movies

22 total digital channels, last updated March 27, 2009.

Wave of New Stations is Imminent

In the majority of most television markets there are usually at least ten digital channels on the air. These channels were put on the air by the full-power television stations as required by the FCC. However there will be more digital channels which will slowly be added between now and 2012. These new digital channels will be put on the air by the low-power television stations. The LPTV stations are not required to transition until 2012 but everyday more and more are signing on. In the Phoenix market there are already three LPTV stations on the air. Most of these stations are choosing to forego a high definition signal and choosing to broadcast several standard definition feeds. All these new channel mean more choices for viewers and could be a great alternative to cable and satellite services.